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Srilanka to develop commercial relations with Kurdistan Region

Published in news Thursday, 09 August 2018 08:37

Erbil: On July 23, 2018, Dr. Dara Jalil Khayat, the president of the Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry, received Niranjan Assucar Ransangha, the ambassador of SriLanka to Iraq, Dr. Ahmed Jallaladdin the honorary Consul in Erbil. 

In a meeting, the diplomat said: Our government wants to strengthen relationships with Kurdistan Region through a number of program and plan, in the sectors of agriculture, industry, tourism and culture. 

" We will build our relations with the KRG based on mutual benefit." He addd. 

He went on to say, " The size of the trade exchange between the Two country is good, especially, our country is well known by an excellent quality of Tea, ranking First in the world. Producing annually about 310 million Tons from 853 factories. The Iraq import during the first Fife months of 2018, is 35 million Tons, ranking first among importers." 

The president of the Chamber, expressed happiness, said" The Iraq, and Kurdistan relation with Sri Lanka is historical, we hope more progress. We are as the Erbil Chamber ready to make the commercial relationship with Sri Lanka more advanced, and arrange a delegation from our side 

To visit there, also we ask the Sri Linda businessmen to come to Kurdistan Region to have face to face meetings with the Kurdistan businessmen," 

He emphasized that the Chamber would do all its best to make that happen.

Mr. Soran AbuBakir, Majeed Sadiq Sewddin the deputies president and Fiddaadin Muhamad Amin, Salar Jalal, Sarkawt Haji Jamal and Saddradin Kamal, the members of the board of directors were presented in the meeting. 

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