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The Erbil Chamber held a Seminar on Bitcoin

Published in news Tuesday, 16 January 2018 08:31

Erbil: On January14, 2018, in the presence of Dr. Dara Jalil Khayat the President of the Erbil Chamber of Commerce and a number of the board of directors of the Chamber, 

the Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a Seminar on Bitcoin and the electronic currencies for Tawan Tahsin an expert in Finance and investment in Salahaddin University and Kardo Kamal the business reporter. 


In the outset of the Seminar, Dr. Khayat gave a statement about the importance of having knowledge about the electronic currencies for the traders which was to core topic of the seminar.

Then, the panelist Twana Tahsin talked about the topic in detail and said" The bitcoin only exists in the internet network it doesn't like the conventional currency, and not restricted to any country    rule or any kind of instruction, it's a resource of many dangerous and classified dealings." 

He added " the electronic currency has been developed since 1983 in USA , a bitcoin has been developing by a Computer engineer since 2009. There are 1384 kind of electronic currencies to now but the bitcoin has the majority among subscribers. A single bitcoin worthy 13,600 dollars." 

Furthermore, he went on the issue and said " There are subscribers from Kurdistan Region but they are few in number ." 

He emphasized that there are risks in transactions by this kind of currency, like password hack, memory clearing, and the currency is not usable in the markets and bourses." 

And, added that the Iraqi Central Bank has banned this currency.

He disclosed that a number of Kurdish engineers have developed the KurdCoin" and there are transactions going on by this Kurdish made electronic currency . 


Later, Kardo Kamal gave more explanation about the electronic currencies, he described as a new revolution in the world, he asked the people to be very careful in using this currency. 

In the end of the Seminar the attendees and panelists exchanged viewpoints on this issue. 

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